ITA Learn to Meditate Course

The ITA Learn to Meditate course is a four week short course to introduce people to the world of meditation.

It is suitable for anyone interested in improving their overall sense of wellbeing and deepening their meditation practice, in particular for:

  • beginners (with some or no meditation experience)
  • past meditators (refreshing their meditation practice)
  • experienced meditators (who would like to deepen their meditation practice)

Meditation enables us to relax the mind, monitor the thoughts and maintain a focused awareness.

It is through regular practice of your chosen meditation style that you will begin to live life with a feeling of centred awareness, clarity and peace.

You will learn about the practical aspects of meditation, practice a range of meditation techniques and receive detailed course notes for your reference.

Some of the topics covered :

  • Why meditate?
  • Effective times to meditate
  • The breath and how it builds energy
  • Is there a correct meditation posture?
  • Creating space for meditation
  • Hindrances you may encounter
  • Different meditation tools and how and when to use them
  • Visualisation
  • Monitoring the thoughts