ITA Energy Medicine Courses

ITA Tier 1 Course

ITA Tier 1 provides you with an integrated understanding of the human energy systems and a working knowledge of how these systems connect to and interact with the physical body and the greater universe.

Although ITA Tier 1 is a foundation in energy understanding, you will be learning powerful techniques for balancing and aligning the energy systems, the sub-conscious mind and the physical body.

What is shared in ITA Tier 1 will enable you to bring your systems into a state of alignment with your higher self and the world around you. These techniques and tools can also be used to assist others.

ITA Tier 1 is for anyone on a path of self development and the techniques are easily incorporated by practitioners of other modalities such as kinesiology, massage, naturopathy and occupational therapy. ITA Tier 1 can also provide you with a great start to a career in energy medicine.

ITA Tier 1 - Topics Covered ...

Topics covered in ITA Tier 1 include…

  • What is consciousness?
  • The interconnection between the physical body and the energy systems
  • Cultivating higher awareness
  • The Void Technique and how to use unconscious awareness
  • The Three Levels of Self and the Three Minds
  • The I AM, the I AM NOT and the Shadow self
  • How to scan energetically
  • Directing chi through intent
  • Effective etheric hygiene practices and their importance
  • Understanding and connecting with Chi, Essence and Spirit
  • The Five Elements and how to work with them
  • The front and back chakras and the chakra cycles
  • The cycles of life
  • Balancing Meridian pathways and organs
  • Polarity, Yin and Yang balancing
  • Moulding of the yin and yang

There is no prerequisite training required to sit the ITA Tier 1 course. This course is suited to anyone seeking a practical understanding of the energy systems.

See the Melaney Ryan Institute of Applied Consciousness (MRIAC) web site for course dates and fees.

ITA Tier 2 Course

ITA Tier 2 provides you with an in depth understanding of the higher energy systems and the tools to work with these systems. This level of study takes you on an interactive journey through the higher aspects of the human and universal energetic systems and leaves you with an expanded awareness of our true capacity for self realisation.

ITA Tier 2 - Topics covered ...

Topics covered in ITA Tier 2 include ...

  • The subconscious mind and trauma recovery
  • ITA understanding of the spinal column and spinal reflex points
  • Identifying and balancing core beliefs and conditioning patterns
  • Distribution of universal energy
  • Blood purification
  • Manifestation
  • Balancing cellular memory
  • The sacred heart
  • Opening of the heart channels
  • Aligning the personal grid
  • The 8 energy vortices
  • Losing polarity
  • Internal structures, the inner channel and the central core
  • Energy anatomy
  • The makeup of human consciousness

ITA Tier 2 is open to all students with an ITA Tier 1 qualification.

See the Australian StillPoint Institute web site for course dates and fees.

ITA Tier 3 Course

ITA Tier 3 provides you with a deeper understanding of how to integrate all you have experienced in your study and practice of ITA so far and brings you to an understanding of our true capacity for transformation.

ITA Tier 3 - Topics Covered ...

Topics covered in ITA Tier 3 include ...

  • Intelligence in the ultimate reality or supreme truth
  • Re moulding your unconscious mind, supporting the inner child
  • Our bodies within the microcosm of the universe
  • Alignment of the blue and red ray
  • Central core alignment
  • Activation of DNA
  • Moulding of the three heart intelligences
  • Magnetic Therapy
  • Activation of the earth star and soul star
  • Colour as a pure form of vibration

ITA Tier 3 is open to all students with an ITA Tier 2 qualification.

See the Australian StillPoint Institute web site for course dates and fees.

Continuing Education

Melaney Ryan (Founder of ITA) also offers continuing educational modules in ITA for ITA practitioners to keep abreast with the latest discoveries and techniques.