Membership of the Association

Membership of the Association is open to:

  • persons who have completed one or more Integrated Therapeutic Alignment Energy Medicine courses,
  • students enrolled in an Integrated Therapeutic Alignment Energy Medicine course, and
  • other supportive persons

Members must agree to abide by the the Association's Code of Ethics.

The membership fee is $66 and is payable 1 July each year of renewal.

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As a member you will be entitled to

  • A membership certificate suitable for public display
  • Listing in the Association's Directory of Practioners' page on the web site
  • Periodic e-newsletters
  • Advertising and promotional opportunities
  • Eligibility for professional indemnity (for those having completed ITA Tier 1)
  • Access to the members' area of the Association's website
  • Occasional group discounts

Application / Renewal

Persons wishing to apply for or renew their membership, should complete an application/ renewal form and submit it to the Secretary or another Committee member, or bring it to the next Committee Meeting.

Payment may be by bank transfer, cheque or money order.

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Code of Ethics

The Integrated Therapeutic Alignment Energy Medicine Association’s (ITAEMA) Code of Ethics comprises a practitioner’s duties and obligations to his or her clients, the public and each other. They are based on established moral obligations that ensure the dignity and integrity of the profession.

Practice Aims

An ITAEMA practitioner must conduct his/her practice with courtesy, honesty, respect, and a high degree of professional competence in the proper care of the clients with due respect for the client’s unequivocal rights and personal dignity.


An ITAEMA practitioner must not disclose any information to a third party about any client which is obtained through his/her professional relationship with the client without the client’s consent, except:

  1. Where required to do so by law
  2. In an emergency or other dangerous situation where, in the opinion of the ITA Energy Medicine practitioner, the information may assist in avoiding possible injury or harm to the client or another person.

An ITAEMA practitioner shall not work with a child under 16 years of age except in the presence of/ or with the consent of, a parent, or guardian, or another responsible adult.

Proper Conduct

An ITAEMA practitioner shall not take physical, psychological, sexual, financial or other advantage of a client.


An ITAEMA practitioner must not presume to diagnose or cure any disease of the client.


An ITAEMA practitioner is entitled to receive reasonable compensation for his/her services rendered, based on usual and customary practices, experience, time, reputation, the nature of the client’s condition and the client’s ability to pay. An ITAEMA practitioner should be prepared to discuss payment options where there is apparent hardship.


An ITAEMA practitioner shall maintain a non-judgemental attitude towards all clients.

An ITAEMA practitioner shall refrain from criticising other practitioners or healing modalities.

An ITAEMA practitioner must maintain premises to a professional standard and ensure that these premises, together with all equipment, are kept in a safe, serviceable and hygienic condition.

Client Benefits

An ITAEMA practitioner shall, if requested, assist clients to secure any benefits due to the client, by supplying necessary information relating to the client’s treatment.


The ITA Energy Medicine Association, Inc has an arrangement with Arthur J Gallagher for a liability policy to cover the needs of ITA Energy Medicine practitioners.

To be eligible for this insurance, you must be a member of the Association, completed at least ITA Energy Medicine Tier 1 and have agreed to abide by the Association's Code of Ethics.

For more information and an application form please contact Arthur J Gallagher direct.

Arthur J Gallagher
Tel:1800 222 012