Meeting energy medicine

Under the ITA Energy Medicine Association's Rules, the affairs of the Association are managed by an elected Committee of Management consisting of :

(a) a Chairperson;
(b) a Deputy Chairperson;
(c) a Secretary;
(d) a Treasurer;
(e) a Membership Officer, and
(f) not less than two other persons.

Members of the Committee are elected for the financial year at each annual general meeting. Any member may nominate herself or himself or one or more other members for election to any position.

Where a vacancy occurs during the year, the Committee may appoint another member to fill the vacancy.

In addition the Committee of Management appoints additional positions and Sub Committees as required to perform specific tasks. If you would like to form or be part of a Special Purpose Sub Committee, please email the .

Committee of Management 2018/19

Radi Mills - Chairperson
Lisa Galatis - Deputy Chairperson
Kirsten Frost - Treasurer / Membership Officer
To be advised - Secretary
Jodi Bassett-Scarfe - Facebook Manager
To be advised - Newsletter Editor
Christine Lomangino - USA News
Melaney Ryan - Committee Member
Beverly Dallas - Committee Member
Nikki Cosby - Committee Member
Annette Crisp - Committee Member
Shelley Jordans - Committee Member